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Williamsburgh Property Services

Factoring is a property management service offered to homeowners to co-ordinate and carry out work on their behalf, usually in respect of repairs, improvements, maintenance, insurance, and administration. Factoring services and responsibilities usually relate to areas of common land or space. The common parts of a building include: the structure; roof; close and backcourt.

The Association engages Williamsburgh Property Services Limited to carry out the factoring services, on our behalf, but it is the Association that is responsible for factoring your building, and complying with the duties of a factor.  In providing the service, our aims are as follows:

  • To co-ordinate and monitor the management, maintenance, general upkeep and any improvements required, in respect of the common areas of our properties
  • To provide a service which is efficient and effective and which represents value for money
  • To ensure that the Association meets all its obligations, in terms of property law and complies with any other relevant documentation, as appropriate
  • To ensure homeowners are consulted and informed of all aspects of the factoring service and are aware of both their own rights and responsibilities and those of the Association
  • To regularly monitor and evaluate all aspects of the factoring service      

The current Board Members of Williamsburgh Property Services are:

  • Elizabeth Scott
  • Alan Lilley

The Association is a Registered Property Factor - Registration Number PF000216.