Properties and Developments

Our development work adopts an inclusive approach, where the regeneration process, as well as the subsequent management and maintenance of properties, rests with local people.

The Association has enjoyed an active development programme, since 1979. Initially, its aim was to regenerate the East End of Paisley which was in a substantial state of disrepair at this time. The first schemes which focused on McKerrell Street and Lang Street were comprehensive tenement rehabilitation projects, aimed directly at improving the properties and, thereby, the living conditions of the residents.  As time went by, new build projects were promoted and the Association was invited to consider employing its development expertise in other areas, initially in the north of Paisley.

In the 1990's, in consultation with Renfrewshire Council and the Scottish Government, it was agreed that the Association's area of operation should be extended to encompass Renfrewshire. Development activity has subsequently been promoted in Johnstone and Renfrew, in parallel with ongoing regeneration work in Paisley.