Property Maintenance

The maintenance work we carry out to our factored properties and recharge to owners, through quarterly factoring invoices, can be categorised into 3 areas: reactive (short term), cyclical (medium term) and planned (long term).

Reactive repairs are minor repairs carried out, for example, to close doors; windows; storage tank overflows, etc. 

Cyclical maintenance is major work, usually carried out periodically, for example, gutter cleaning, on a yearly basis and paintwork, every 5 years. 

Owners can opt to have additional work carried out, through the cyclical maintenance programme, subject to their having a clear factoring account.  The Association can, on request, arrange, for example, the painting of window frames and flat entrance doors.

Detailed costs for such additional items are advised, prior to the works commencing.

Planned maintenance involves replacing certain elements of the property which have reached the end of their economic life, for example, the replacement of close windows and doors, or upgrading of the door entry system.  This type of work is closely linked to our inspection programme, which allows us to more accurately predict when such maintenance will be required.

Tenders for the work are obtained to ensure value for money.  With items of significant expenditure, you will be advised of the lowest quote received, the nature of the work and their share of the costs for which you are responsible.  In the case of high cost cyclical and planned maintenance work, we may consider spreading the charge over a 12 month period.

Contractors invoices can be made available on request.