Gas Servicing

Our aim is to keep you safe.  We ask you to help us do this by allowing access to your property, on an annual basis, to carry out a gas service check.

As your landlord, we have a legal responsibility to ensure that gas boilers, pipework, flues and other gas appliances owned by us are maintained in a safe condition. We adhere to The Gas Safety Installation & Use Regulations 1998.

The law also applies to you as tenant, by ensuring that you allow us access to your home to carry out the gas service check.

In order to allow time for access arrangements, or to order any specific replacement parts, we programme gas service checks on a 10 monthly cycle.

We understand that many tenants have other commitments, such as work, that may make it difficult to allow access, but we appreciate your co-operation in helping us to keep you and your family safe. On completion of the check, the service contractor will provide you with a copy of the gas safety certificate (CP12) within 28 days.

If you have any queries or questions, please email our Maintenance Team on